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Liquidated Merchandise, such as customer returns, can be a tremendous source of profit for off-price retail stores, flea markets and ebayers for a number of reasons. Customer Returns can be purchased for less money than closeouts, overstocks and shelf pulls plus there are usually plenty of loads on the marketplace.

The problem with closeouts, overstocks and shelf pulls is that not everybody can afford to pay the higher price that this kind of merchandise typically sells for. Plus the availability is not as high as store returns.

There is another option available though! Dot Com returns is typically so close in condition and quality to closeouts, overstocks and shelf pulls, that for most people it’s very hard to tell the difference!

Here’s the best part;  Dot Com returns are readily available. The price point is a little higher than store returns and a little less than closeouts, overstocks and shelf pulls, leaving plenty of room for profit! The vast majority of dot com returns are due to what is known as “buyers remorse” – the item wasn’t the right style or color, the customer changed their mind, the item wasn’t what they expected… there are literally dozens of reasons for a dot com return, most of them are unrelated to the quality of the product. The end result is the item is returned in new condition and in its original box! has a steady flow of dot com returns available. Be sure to click on the “Browse by Condition” button on the left side of our home page to see our current availability.

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