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Impulse Buyers… fact or fiction?

What is an “Impulse Purchase”?  An impulse purchase is “an unplanned or otherwise spontaneous purchase.”  Marketers and retailers tend to exploit these “impulses”, which are tied to the need for instant gratification.  A recent study demonstrated that many online auction and payment services have produced a generation of impulse buyers.  The right price point coupled with the ease with which many online sellers are now offering their products, has indeed created a market place that is ripe for the picking.

Finding the “right” type of merchandise for impulse buyers can be difficult.  One way to overcome this is to think about what types of items will trigger a desire in your customers.  Studies have demonstrated that items that have a retail of $20.00 or lower and that are considered functional, decorative or gift related, often appeal to Impulse Buyers. frequently offers loads that are full of this type of merchandise.

Another example of an “impulse purchase” would be those items that we need and use around the house every day.  A microwave oven, a toaster, a blender or coffee maker are all great examples of impulse items.  One of the best opportunities you will find on is our “dot com” offers.   In most cases, an item that was shipped to a customer by a dot com company and then returned, was returned because it wasn’t the right item, or wasn’t what they expected.  So, the item is usually not opened and is the next best thing to an overstock!  From our experience in working with dot com products, the rate of non-working or damaged items is typically very low.

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