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Down Economy – Bad News or Opportunity?

People who are entrepreneurs see opportunity during hard times. Sometimes it’s difficult to see past our present circumstances, but refusing to do so only exacerbates the stress we are already feeling.

While it is very sad to see people loosing their jobs and struggling just to make “ends meet”, it is possible to help them and yourself thrive during this down economy. How can this be accomplished? By providing them with the items they need and even some of the things they want at significant discounts.

The reality is, when things are tough, people begin to make every dollar stretch as far as they can!

I have noticed that the parking lots at flea markets and discount / salvage stores are full lately. Once again, people are trying to save every dollar they can, and they have discovered that by shopping at an off-price or liquidation store, they can get more “bang for the buck!”

You might be asking, “What can I do?” It’s actually quite easy! You can invest in pallets or truckloads of liquidation merchandise and then sell this merchandise at flea markets, online or you could even open a retail store. People will want to shop at your store because you will have the same items as the big retailers for a fraction of the cost!

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