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Having been in the salvage/liquidation industry for more than 18 years, the leadership of American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. believed there had to be a better way to enable buyers to view merchandise offers in real time and with enough details to make an informed decision. The challenge was to produce an online venue that was easy to use but would include the “human element” that most people want. With this in mind, we went to work producing a website that would accomplish both of these goals. In mid-January, was born!

We realized going into this project that the vast majority of America’s consumer base, whether retail, wholesale or salvage/liquidation, has come to depend on having an online venue for making their purchasing decisions. This dependence has grown exponentially over the past decade, and is continuing to grow annually.

During the developmental phase of, our team scoured the internet looking for liquidators that were offering merchandise using an online venue. We only discovered a few that were even close to what we had envisioned, and most of them were allowing anybody and everybody to list product on their websites. Based on literally thousands of discussions with our existing customer base, we realized that what they were really looking for was a company that owned the merchandise, and provided a means for developing a relationship with them. Having a comfort level for spending their money was essential.

How did we accomplish this? We tied into our existing, highly trained and knowledgeable sales team. Every single purchase that is made on is followed up by a point of contact from one of our sales team members. Any questions that might still be floating around in the mind of the buyer are answered at that time, and then payment arrangements are made. One of the primary obstacles we discovered in our research and development phase was that many of our customers didn’t want to pay for something when they didn’t know for sure if they were going to get the merchandise. We believe we have successfully overcome that obstacle using the system we have employed on

Just a couple of the unique features that we are offering on include auctions starting at $1.00 (no reserve, no gimmicks), Dutch Auctions, “buy now” as well as “bid” offers that are updated daily, listings for individual items up to entire truckloads, and more. We are also planning to add a “live chat” function later in the year.

Having only launched in mid-January, has already exceeded all of our projections. We now have hundreds of registered users from literally every corner of the globe. Our listings cover nearly every gamut of product categorization. Whether a buyer is looking for apparel or lawn and garden merchandise, there is a great chance they will find what they are looking for on!

We encourage you to take some time to look around today to see what all of the excitement is about.

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